Gambling income on 1099 misc

Gambling income on 1099 misc gambling licensing and advertising bill

Certain winnings, such as automobiles and non-cash prizes, require the gambling institution to issue you a misc form to report the income. However, if you don't want to risk an audit because you may have other "iffy" miscc on your returnthere is a method by which you can call the IRS and file a Form to get the prize company to issue a corrected

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Tax Form 1099 MISC: How To Complete & File First, congratulations! It is OK if you received a MISC, the winnings amount should be listed in box 3. You'll can sometimes get a 1. I got a MISC from Taj Mahal because I won money for hitting the bad beat jackpot in July. I was wondering if I could offset these winnings. Winnings can be reported on a MISC, typically in Box 3 Other income. How do I deduct my gambling losses in the Casino against the Jackpot winnings?

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